Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry Mission Statement


The mission of the Hospitality Ministry at Denman Avenue is to offer the love of Jesus Christ to every guest and member that walks onto our campus in such a way that they would be transformed from strangers to friends, friends to attendees, attendees to members, and members to lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ, no matter at what stage that journey starts.

Hospitality Ministry Goals


  1. Remind every visitor, member, and guest that they are loved by God and welcome at DABC.
  2. Eliminate man made barriers that might make guests or visitors uncomfortable.
  3. Decrease the stress, anxiety, and confusion for visitors, especially first and second time guests.
  4. Create a bridge between the outside world and the various DABC ministries.
  5. Create a positive and welcoming environment for both guests and members.
  6. Encourage transformations in the process from first time visitor to lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ.

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