Brad & Liz Flurry

Brad and Liz Flurry are high school sweethearts and have been married for over 20 years. They traveled much of the country as Brad served as an Active Duty Marine for almost two decades. They have two teenage boys who certainly keep things moving in their home. Their family enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, and good food! Through the ups and downs of marriage, Brad and Liz have learned that nothing replaces the power of prayer in their marriage.

Bobby & Jenn Cooley

Bobby and Jenn Cooley met in college and have been together for 15 years. They have lived all over Texas but currently, call Katy home. They have three beautiful blue-eyed kids that keep them on their toes. When they’re not at t-ball, gymnastics, or basketball games with the kids, Bobby and Jenn enjoy hunting for the best BBQ spots, reviving old furniture, and a challenging DIY project. They have found that prayer is the secret ingredient for spiritual intimacy.

Dennis & Nancy Wilbanks

Dennis and Nancy Wilbanks have been married 42 years. They have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. They enjoy life, family, travel, and serving the Lord. They are thankful that Jesus has given them life which is abundant. She has been a tremendous partner in ministry and enjoys sewing and time with friends. Dennis also enjoys teaching/preaching, fishing, writing, cooking, and woodworking. He is the former First Generation Pastor at Kingsland Baptist Church. Originally from Commerce, GA when he was called to vocational ministry at 30. He pastored in GA before they moved to Mims, FL. He pastored, planted churches, and worked with the Florida Baptist Convention during the 25 years they were in Florida.


Friday Night: Aug. 19

6:30-Welcome & Dinner

7- 8:30 - Date Night- The Blessing: A Key Ingredient to Every Strong Marriage


Saturday Morning: Aug. 20

9am – Welcome and Recap-Set the day up

9:15-10:15 – Breakout Sessions  

Breakout 1: Understanding Your Parenting Style  

Breakout 2: Grand-parenting: How to Leave A Jesus Legacy 

10:15 - Break

10:30-11:30 Closing Session: Communication and Your Family: Building Conversation in Your Home

Breakout Sessions

Friday Night Date Night:  Full Group Session

Title:  The Blessing: A Key Ingredient to Every Strong Marriage

Description:  In this session, we look at a key ingredient that will help you better love your spouse – the Blessing!  Topics such as identifying how your spouse receives love and practical ways to bless them will be discussed and practiced!



Breakout Session Option #1:

Title:  Understanding Your Parenting Style

Description:   Have you ever wondered why you parent the way you parent? Have you ever found yourself parenting your kids in a way that you don’t like, and you feel parent guilt and regret? In this breakout we will unlock the source of your parenting style and give you practical steps to become the parent you want to be. 

Breakout Session Option #2:

Title:  Grand-parenting: How to Leave A Jesus Legacy 

Description:   Research has found that grandparents have a huge part to play in the faith maturity of grandchildren. Parents cultivate and shape spiritual disciplines while grandparents help form “faith identity.” Grandparents who model their faith see higher faith maturity in their grandchildren. In this breakout we will examine three key

actions steps for grandparents to leave a Jesus Legacy. 


Full Group Final Session: 

Title:  Communication and Your Family: Building Conversation in Your Home 

Description:  According to a recent article in Time Magazine, when a number of parents were asked what was the number one area they needed help with, the majority of them stated “communication with my family.” I think many of us would agree! Communicating with our kids and spouses can be challenging! If you need help with communication in your home or simply want to build on the foundation you have already made, this session is for you.